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Green Wings Project Collaborates with Royal Mail to Revolutionise Electronic Waste Recycling

Green Wings Project Collaborates with Royal Mail to Revolutionise Electronic Waste Recycling

Simply search for “Green Wings Project” on Royal Mail Returns and generate your free shipping label today.

In an innovative stride towards environmental sustainability, we are thrilled to announce a collaboration with Royal Mail Returns. This collaboration, a significant step forward in GWP’s mission, introduces a convenient and effective system for consumers to return used disposable vapes (limited to two used vapes per parcel) through a seamless mailing process. Simply search for “Green Wings Project” on Royal Mail Returns at and generate your free shipping label today.

The initiative empowers individuals to participate actively in the responsible disposal and recycling of electronic products, starting with disposable vapes, by sending them directly back to GWP’s warehouse via Royal Mail’s extensive postal service network.

The collaboration comes at a critical time as electronic waste continues to pose a growing challenge to environmental conservation efforts worldwide. Through this pioneering programme, GWP and Royal Mail aim to set a precedent for corporate responsibility and community engagement in sustainability initiatives. Together, we can transform the narrative from disposable to sustainable, establishing a cleaner, greener future for all.

Here is a detailed instruction as to how to recycle your disposable vapes with Royal Mail Returns (two vapes per parcel maximum):

Join the movement. Make a difference. Mail back your used disposable vapes today.


About Green Wings Project:

Established with the vision of championing sustainable actions against electronic waste, Green Wings Project is a non-profit organisation focused on recycling disposable electronic products. Through research, collaboration, and community engagement, GWP aims to make a substantial difference in the global environmental landscape.

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